Sunday, 31 July 2016

Venice: Lovely Laundry

Every time I saw laundry hanging artfully across a small street or canal in Venice I would grab my camera and take a photo. I soon realised that there were going to be many many laundry photo taking opportunities and  I needed to be a bit selective. The majority of apartments in Venice get little direct sunshine, few people have gardens, and for most people their homes are probably quite small. Where better than to hang up the washing outside, hanging over the streets ...

... or canals.

They use pulley systems to maximise washing line possibilities. I think if I lived in an apartment in Venice that faced onto a canal, many of my clothes would end up in the water.

White wash. Coloured wash.

I'm guessing you have to be careful to hang the washing just so, to avoid neighbourly discontent. 

Burano, a tiny island north of Venice where the houses are all painted in rainbow colours provided particularly attractive laundry photos. No photoshop, no colour enhancement, this is the way it is.

On a sunny day even the shadows provide some lovely images.

You can find more Venice laundry photos on my Flickr account, here.