Friday, 12 September 2014

White Light and Crisp Shadows

It's been a while since I did a 'morning stroll' post. Given the cloudless skies we've been having lately I thought it was about time I went and savoured the beautiful neighbourhood where we live. White autumnal light and crisp shadows.

The new Paris street bins give a lovely shadow.

The lampposts too.

I love this corner in Montmartre, rue de l'Armée d'Orient, an 'L' shaped road that cuts a corner off the higher section of rue Lepic. This art deco house with the glazed veranda to the left is beautiful but looks like it needs some renovation work.

This view at the very top of rue Lepic never fails to make me stop in my tracks. 

The lampposts were catching the sun and glowing.

An orange long legged monster reached out for the lamppost.

Once at the top of the hill Paris presented herself. Hazy shades of smoky grey. Looking east towards the 20th arrondissement. 

Walking down the stairs in front of the Sacré Cœur these flowers caught my eye.

I looked back up towards the Basilica. The haze had lifted and the sky was an intense blue.

Down at the bottom of the stairs I passed the manège and watched the small white horse gambling through the trees.

Before the final flight of stairs I paused to take this photo, I was in the perfect spot to capture the facade straight on.

Finally I headed towards le Boulevard de Rochechouart, I glanced back one more time. 

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