Monday, 13 June 2016

Falling Water Levels: the Seine.

The water level of the Seine has gradually been going down the past week. The roads running along the side of the Seine have reopened, pedestrians can walk along the quais, things are getting back to normal.

At the request of a few people I took a few pictures from the same view point during the week so that you get could a sense of how the water levels have been changing.

Here is a view from the Pont Neuf looking towards Saint-Michel on the rive gauche.

Here is a view of the Vert Galant, the western tip of the Île de la Cité.

And finally, here is a view also taken from the Pont Neuf, this time looking towards the Île de la Cité and the Conciergerie.

Next time we have a drought, I need to take more photos to get the full picture!

More photos of the 2016 flood waters can be seen here.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Seine is Full

We've been having rain here in Paris. A LOT of rain. The news has been full of talk of the rising levels of the Seine. Even the Louvre museum was closed yesterday to re-locate some pieces of artwork that were potentially at risk of being damaged if water level rose much further. 

I decided I needed to go down to the river to see for myself. It was the strangest of atmospheres down there. Hundreds of people walking along les quais, whispering quietly, looking, taking photos, seemingly waiting for something.

My first sighting of the river was at Le Pont Royal. Apart from the fact that the bridge footings were completely submerged, it was also striking how fast the water was flowing. 

All the trees are underwater.

The infamous Pont des Arts was actually closed to the public. The stone footings completely submerged. 

This cruise boat won't be running for a little while I think. The boat is of course fine, the access ramp? ... Not so much.

Many people are stranded on their boats unable to get on or off. Complicated ramp and ladder mechanisms have been rigged up to access the boats. Not for the faint hearted!

A row of fire engines were lined along Le Pont Neuf, 'specialiste intervention subaquatique'.

I made my way to the Square du Vert Galant, the very tip of the Isle de la Cité. When the Vert Galant is under water you know that things are bad. 

Well it was definitely under water!

Here are two rather beautiful views from Le Pont Neuf. Paris is dipping her toes in the river.