Friday, 4 July 2014

Sculptural Curves at the Louvre

I spent yesterday afternoon in the Louvre with 9 kids under the age of thirteen. Why would I voluntarily do such a thing?! Good question! Well, we were participating in a THATLou treasure hunt hosted by Daisy de Plume owner creator of THATLou. Daisy is an art history wizard who really knows her stuff, and I must say it was great fun. While hunting out pieces of art work from all over the world and all different periods in history we all learnt how to navigate our way around the Louvre learning as we went. All team members got suitably competitive which added a certain frisson to the hunt. At one point I had to peel off from the hunt to take one of the team members to the metro after which I went directly to our end-of-hunt meeting point, the magnificent spiral stair case underneath the glass pyramid of the Louvre designed by architect I.M Pei.

As I waited I took a few photos. I had a perfect vantage point.


  1. Barbara, Thank you for this, I was so pleased they had such fun.
    As always, your photos are divine!

    1. Thanks Daisy, and my pleasure, BBx