Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Queen's Hamlet

Last week during our Easter 'stay-cation' in Paris we went to Versailles. Not feeling brave enough to join the enormous queue leading up to the Chateau, we decided to go to the Petit Trianon instead. The Petit Trianon is a much smaller chateau located on the grounds on the Palais de Versailles. It was Marie Antoinette's favourite place to retreat from the formality of court life. We were particularly aiming to seen the Queen's Hamlet, a small farm within the grounds of the Petit Trianon from which, back in the day, food was supplied to the main palace. 

We went straight to the gardens of the Petit Trianon, heading for the Queen's Hamlet. 

We only walked a few minutes before seeing the house where the Queen liked to stay.

Other buildings in the Hamlet include a farm, a dovecote, a mill, a guards room, another smaller house for the Queen known as The Boudoir and the Malborough Tower where it is said that communication, via signals, took place between the Palace of Versailles and the Hamlet.

The Petit Trianon chateau was restored in 2008 and several buildings in the Queen's Hamlet are now being restored. They look beautiful in their crumbling state but will not last much longer if some serious repair jobs don't happen quickly.

This wisteria, however, does not seem to be suffering!

Further information about The Palais de Versailles and the other sights to see on the Palace grounds can be found here.

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