Thursday, 8 May 2014

Montmartre Looking Sublime

What with one thing and another, I haven't been for a morning stroll up to the Sacré Cœur for a while. The other day after dropping the 9 Year Old off at school I decided to head up the hill. It had been raining most of the previous few days but now the sun had come out. It was still hazy, but there were no clouds and the sky was turning blue. Montmartre was looking sublime! I walked up Rue Saint-Vincent, to the north of the Basilica. The leaves on the trees are still not fully out and are a bright vivid green.

The shadows were crisp.

When I arrived at the top of the hill, the access into the Convent just behind the Sacré Cœur, the Carmel de Montmartre, was open. I slipped through the gates and took a photo of the Church from an angle that one doesn't usually get to see.

As I headed round to the front of the church I saw this man starting his day's work. Rather him that me!

I looked down on the roof of the Marché Saint Pierre, now a museum for naïve art and a gymnasium for the local schools. I love the roof of this building.

Flowers in the gardens in front of the Sacré Coeur were still covered in dew.

I love the clear simple architectural lines on this facade, enhanced by the low morning sun.

Some Paris patchwork (lots more here).

And a loooong view.

Time for a coffee.

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