Thursday, 1 June 2017

Dusky Pinks

I sometimes gather together photos which have a common colour. Lately I seem to have been taking photographs where dusky orangey pinks predominate: at sundown I find apricot coloured glowing walls and and bruised peach skies, during the day I find rose coloured flowers and pink street art. It hasn't been a deliberate search, it's just turned out that way. 

Here is my peach-pink-apricot-orange collection.

I went for a walk with my daughter the other evening, as we walked behind La Butte de Montmartre we saw the Sacré-Coeur dome, grey against a pink-peach-mauve sky. The colours are probably enhanced by the pollution, but let's not think about that!

A few years ago, more dusky pink skies, this time at sunrise. Morning blush.

Here is a rose that has a similar colour palate.

Ditto, giant poppies.

The same poppies taken two years previously at a different time of day.

A glowing wall, at sundown.

Pink and peach chalk as used by two Montmartroise after school clubs (Mont-Cenis and Houdon primary schools).

Evening sun lights up the Roman Amphitheatre in Arles.

Some original wall paper dating from the 1970s seems to favour peachy-pink for some of its flowers.

As do some Montmartroise street artists.

De l'Art, ou du cochon? That is the question.