Saturday, 4 February 2017

Warm Winter Colours

At the moment my Instagram feed looks mostly monochrome with pale greys and off-whites if I've taken the photos during the day, or rich reds, yellows and oranges if I've taken the photos at sunrise or sunset. I thought I'd gather together the warm brightly coloured photos I've taken recently to help us through these bleak winter days.

Here we have Paris and the Eiffel Tower, viewed from the road in front of the Sacré-Coeur. What I like most in this photo is the way the lamppost glows despite not being lit up yet.

The Eiffel Tower looks so good at sunset.

And with some winter lace thrown in for good measure it looks even better.

A flock of chimneys.

A lamppost shadow is cast in the low evening sun.

No sun involved here, sometimes you just have to make your own. Tulips and a red wall. 

This glazed facade of an office building in the 15th arrondissement caught my eye. I would be interested to see what it's like being inside this building. 

The grey concrete ceiling in one of UNESCO's main auditoriums was glowing yellow in the artificial light.

And then of course there's always blue-o-clock once the sun has gone down.

I post photographs daily to my Instagram feed here if you're interested in seeing more photos of Paris.