Saturday, 28 July 2012

Arles: shutters, clear skies and dragon flies

We were Arles last week. A beautiful small town in the south of France bursting at the seams with spectacular Roman monuments, affordable restaurants, cafés, museums, shops and boutiques, 

We first went to Arles in 1989, unintentionally. We were headed for Avignon, but our train went to Arles instead. We never reached Avignon until a few days later. We fell in love with this small Roman town and went back nearly every year after that. Until we had children that is. The last time we were there was when I was pregnant with our now 11 year old. I was a little nervous that it would have changed over the past 11 years but no, it's the same!

It is simply lovely. Here is the view we had from our hotel room. I love roman tiles, they make me feel like I'm on holiday, down south, somewhere a little exotic.

In the town centre, which ever way you look you see something that pleases the eye.

I love the narrow streets, though driving down them is rather harrowing.

I'm never quite sure what will get to me when I visit a place, but I can say without hesitation that the summer of 2012 brought me a shutter obsession. Just ask my kids, though they may just roll their eyes in reply. Old, delectably ageing wooden shutters in lovely pastel colours. Colours that require intense bright sun to look good. 

Here are some minty green ones.

Pale blue/grey shutters.

This half shuttered window was intriguing.

Moss green and pale blue.

The blue used so often must be inspired by the colour of the sky.

And also, by nature's wondrous surprises.

More Arles shutter photos can be seen here (thumbnails) and here (slideshow).

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