Sunday, 14 February 2016

Cranes at Clichy-Batignolles

The other morning I walked with Child No. 2 to his school. The sun was just rising and the sky was cloudless. I decided to take a long loop home and walk through the new-ish Clichy Batignolles park, also known as the Martin Luther King park or to our family the Ramp Park with its excellent skate ramps.

Construction is going on all around this park. To the North is the Palais de Justice designed by Renzo Piano as well as the extension of the Metro Line 14.

To the east apartment blocks and to the west more apartment and office blocks. There are cranes everywhere, reaching high up into the sky, red and yellow. 

As ever I was with my camera, not sure what would grab my attention. As it turned out it was a combination of cranes and puddles and ponds.

And now, time to play a little with the mind. The world upside down.