I’m a Swiss Australian Brit living in Paris. In no particular order - architect, mother, development specialist, graphic designer, photographer, wife and friend. 

Join me in my journeys through the City of Light. Copyright © all rights reserved.


  1. Hi there, I've had such fun browsing your blog. Your photos are stunning. Thank you. I found you on twitter through a Kasia Dietz, a good friend, as you clearly have one of her wonderful bags as well. Perhaps we'll get to meet at a bag painting workshop.

    If you and your brood would ever like to go on a treasure hunt at the Louvre, just drop me a line.
    Kind regards,

    1. So happy Daisy that you've enjoyed browsing through my blog. I've heard about your treasure hunts at the Louvre through the Twitterverse, sounds like a lot of fun. All the best, BB