Friday, 13 April 2012

Estrella Stars

Guillamino and Mina Tindle play in Barcelona
What could be finer than the meeting of fine cutting edge music, a former brewery and free beer...oh...and all of that in Barcelona. Well that's what my Other Half (OH) and I got to enjoy last night.

The venue was here, a former brewery for the Spanish beer Estrella Damm. You can just see through the windows the amazing copper vats that were used in the brewing process (fodder for another blog post to come soon).

Even the lighting was beer influenced. What's not to like?

There was a beer theme in the toilets.

On the music programme were Guillamino a Catalan musician, and Mina Tindle a French musician with roots in spain.

Guillamino plays an engaging mixture of pop and Catalan electro...ahem...soul, hip music. 

I asked the OH who is more savvy than me in these music classifications how he would describe Guillamino's music. His conclusion: "Joyous maverick electrosomethingorother, Jarvis Cocker's Catalan cousin dipped in disco." So now you know. It was good.

Mina Tindle, who is currently on a European tour promoting her latest album 'Taranta', played after Guillamino. Her music is described as pop-folk. She has a fabulous voice. She is beautiful and has a look of Carla Bruni, but there the resemblance ends, Mina Tindle is a real musician with a strong and beguiling voice.

French, with family roots in Spain, she also spent several years living in Brooklyn. She sings in English. In New York she sang in a Franco-American band called the Limes. After returning to France she decided that she would like to make a career in music. 

Taranta, the album that came out on the 19th of March is the result of a collaboration between her and Jean-Philippe Nataf, a French musician and former lead singer with The Innocents

We bought a signed copy, so shall enjoy listening to her once we get back to Paris.

As part of our invitation we were offered a sandwich AND unlimited Estrella Damm beer on tap. As anglophones, used to the drinking culture in the UK, we were surprised at how easy it was to get to the bar. 

This is what happens when you have a few.

We have been lucky enough to be invited to Barcelona by budget Spanish airline Vueling and 
and the award-winning Indie Internet radio station ScannerFM for the #MyVuelingCity bloggers meet.



  1. Looks like you're having a fab time and now you've intrigued me enough to want to hear Mina Tindle's music.

    1. Did you find her and did you like her? Yes, having a fab time, first time on holiday without the kids in 11+years! Frankly odd and pleasurable in equal measures.