Saturday, 7 April 2012

Parisian Blooms

Spring has arrived, the sun has some warmth, temperatures have risen and plants are starting to grow again after the cold months of winter. Small shoots unfurl, into impossibly green leaves. 

I live with a hay-fever sufferer and this year has been bad. No rain for several weeks, all the trees flowering at the same time makes for a lot of sneezing. Here are some flower photos that won't make you sneeze.

I took this photo in our local park, a canopy of pink papery petals.

I stood on a bench and got up close.

Here is some paler blossom in the gardens below the Sacré Cœur.

Sturdier petals. Peach.

Buds not quite open.

White flowers that smell of honey.

The parks of Paris are full of tulips.

And pansies.

My favourite flower is still the poppy.

What is not to like?...Well...apart from all that pollen. Achoo!


  1. Oh I wish I were in Paris now.... Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks GitteK, maybe you'll be in Paris soon?