Thursday, 1 December 2016

An Artful Washing Line

I came across the work of artists Levalet and Philippe Hérard on Rue Veron in the 18th arrondissement of Paris completely by chance. I had decided to get out at Pigalle Metro station, one stop before my usual stop, Abbesses. The walk home is a little further, but it avoids being squashed up with a gazillion other commuters in a giant Metro lift. I wasn't in the mood for that.

I walked towards home along Rue Veron. The first piece of artwork I noticed was this one.

Then this one ...

I then started to look further and realised that there was a washing line of sorts along the whole length of the street, on both sides.

It was getting dark so I wasn't able to take such good photos, so I went back a few days later on a sunny day and took some more. I love the work of these artists. I love the gentle humour, and poetic nostalgia. I love the attention to detail, the artists have even painted shadows on the wall beneath the images which have been stuck on the walls..

Some saucisson sec anybody?

I think a witch may live at No. 26.

Maybe a ghost lives here, only the shadows can be seen.

An elephant.

A flipper. Why not?

A skate board and a brassiere at No. 23.

False teeth (!!!) and some bloomers.

And a bat, of course.

There was an exhibition of Levalet and Hérard's work at the Joël Knafo Art gallery at 21 Rue Veron. I missed the exhibition which is now finished, but I think the washing line will be around for a while.