Thursday, 30 September 2010

Street art from 'les tags' to much better

If you walk around Paris, wherever you look you will always find 'tags'. Everywhere. On bus shelters, post boxes, roller shutters, these signature graffiti are the young persons hobby.

Of course there is also much more interesting street art to be seen. One artist that the kids particularly love is Gregos, who's plaster cast faces can be found adorning many walls around our neighbourhood.
And then you find the work of PITR. I like these a lot. PITR's artwork appears on walls all round Montmartre, stenciled images that appear one day and are painted over the next. I can't find any precise information about PITR. One source I looked at said that apparently there are two Pitrs.

Another well recognised graffiti artist  the invader mosaic artist
And more recent mosaics by Jérôme Gulon
All around the neighbourhood are other pieces of artwork which are unsigned. I particularly like this deer. It has been there for ages and looks like it is here to stay. Well, until it peels off completely.

More photos of street art can be seen on my Flickr account 


  1. Lovely. Especially Karl Marx's "caca prout". My daughters would approve.

  2. Yes, "caca prout", who can resist that expression, young or old?