Tuesday, 21 February 2012

On a Quest to Find White

The courtyard infront of our house is dotted with these delicate fluffy white bird feathers at the moment. I'm not sure why, but they certainly look lovely, especially covered in raindrops.

As I headed out on Saturday I thought it might be nice to collect a few white images on my outing. I started out quite well, though nothing I came across after this feather was nearly so white. More of a  blanc cassé.

Here is a heart I found on rue Durantin.




I walked up the hill by the Sacré Cœur. The sky was very white, but when I took photos this impression was lost. The sky may have been white, but Paris looked grey. 

This incredibly long flight of stairs (Passage Cottin) distracted me from my quest to find white. These stairs must be one of the narrowest flights in Montmartre. They are missing the cobbled borders that commonly run up the side of stairs like these. 

Here I'm looking down...

...and here I'm looking up.


At the bottom of the stairs I saw this window. It looks like the stairs are moving...down. A little bit crooked.

At this point I got utterly distracted from my hunt for white. 

Hang on, sugar is often white?


  1. More divine pictures what a city.!!!

  2. What glorious photos. I love the tiny water droplets on the feather...wonderful detail.

  3. Thank you Chrissie and Accidental Londoner. I love walking round Paris when I have a 'mission' in my head, I see all sorts of things I don't think I'd usually even notice, BB