Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lovely Lucerne Lake...oh and mountains

We're currently visiting my brother who lives near Lucerne. He lives in a gorgeous apartment with the most astonishing views. Every day, and at all times of day, the light is different, and the view changes. This is a view towards Lake Lucerne taken in the morning, a few hours after sunrise. I love the misty haze still clinging to the water.

We spent the day skiing and came back home just as the sun was setting. The mountains tips glowed a warm pink, which reflected in the water.

By nightfall the view, on a clear night looks like this. Blue.

If you look in the opposite direction...well the view is not bad either. Today our timing was perfect and we witnessed the sunset. The clouds were quite something.

If you like pink, this was the place to be...and even if you don't, this was still the place to be.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love extremes...and the light! Have a wonderful time :)