Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Chantilly in green

We have family staying at the moment so are enjoying being tourists at home. On Monday we went to Chantilly a town 40kms north of Paris. We went there back in May. During that visit we went to the Musée Vivant du Cheval (the Living Museum of the Horse). This time we went to see the Château and its' gardens. The Château was built in 1560 for the Duc of Montmorency whose father worked in the household of Louis XII. The Château is not that big, but looks enchanting, built in a creamy yellow sandstone with a scalloped slate roof, surrounded by a large moat. Here is a view as you approach from the Musée Vivant du Cheval.
The gardens are beautifully kept, they were laid out for the most part by André Le Nôtre. Unfortunately we didn't leave enough time to visit all of the gardens, but we did see part of them, including a brilliant labyrinth that the kids enjoyed charging around. The gardens are beautifully kept and very green, with water ways, small areas of woodland, a jardin anglais and much more. For this post I've gathered together a series of green themed photos I took in the gardens. 

Here is a wrought iron bridge crossing a waterway. It cast some lovely shadows....
...and even better reflections.
There were plenty of fish.
A few birds. Here's one in a cage.
I love living in Paris. I love big cities. But sometimes to get out into the countryside and enjoy bigger skies and more greenery is just what the soul needs. 

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  1. And that is how we ended up here...a renovation hell that holds out to be the green piece of heaven we so await! (not to say I don't NEED that 20% of Paris time, which, by the end of our stay in the city and the studio reminds me it's time to return to the country quiet--read: not scooters, inconsiderate neighbours, drunken street screamers...) :) Gorgeous pictures as always.