Saturday, 31 December 2011

Palais Royal at nightfall

Yesterday the kids and I headed down towards Opera to go to the bank. Oh yes, I know how to spoil the small people round here. Who needs Disneyland when you have a banks?! The plan was to go roller blading in the beautiful square at Palais Royal afterwards. Of course we got to the bank three minutes after it had 'exceptionnellement' shut early and by this time it was drizzling. Great.

Not to be thwarted and not wanting to feel we'd completely wasted out outing I suggested we go to the Palais Royal anyway and see how we felt. The courtyard of the Palais Royal is called the Cour d'Honneur. It is dominated by 280 black and white striped columns of varying heights, an art installation conceived by the artist Daniel Buren in 1986. I think it's pure genius. 

We got there as it was getting dark, the ground was wet. The light and the reflections were amazing.

Gradually it got darker.

And darker.

Until I could no longer focus.

The kids had a ball.


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