Monday, 4 June 2012

Beautiful Bollards

Rue de l'Abreuvoir, just north-west of the Sacré Cœur is beautiful. A cobbled road that gently winds up the hill behind the famous white church on La Butte. Here it is in the early morning sun. Quite a far cry from the Haussmannian boulevards in the centre of Paris?

For the past eight years there have been major changes to the traffic circulation round these small Montmartoise roads. On Sundays cars are no longer allowed into the Lepic/Abbesses neighbourhood unless they're there for a reason i.e. their owners live there. They have changed the traffic direction of many of the roads which means that these narrow streets no longer get used as a thoroughfare to cross the hill, La Butte

Bollards have been put up everywhere to stop cars parking half on the road, half on the pavement.

I can't believe I'm writing about bollards and traffic. YAWN...Bear with me!

Somebody has been having fun with these street bollards.

They have been very carefully painted. No colour used more than once.

Aren't they lovely?

This is a common form of Parisian street art. These polka dots were added by an after school art club that our kids went to last year. They start them off young.

This is more of a railing than a bollard, but I thought it was worth an entry. A giant silver scoubidou.

And last but not least, les girafes. Somebody has taken a lot of time over these!

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