Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rusty Tones

We went to the Marché aux Puces the other day and in a back street car-park I noticed this corrugated iron wall. It was the colours that caught my eye, the various tones of rust combined with bluey grey. 

I started to look out for rusty tones as we meandered through the market. 

Here is a fine rusty bull.

This was the most intense rust colour I saw.

But not quite as intense as this rusty corrugated iron I spotted in Donegal a few summers ago. 

I love the texture that comes with the rust.

Here, rather oddly, is some rust I saw in a Parisian gutter.

Here is some rust colour without the rust, a copper pot in the Musée Nissim Camondo, Paris 8th.

And here are some edible rusty morsels.

If you ever wondered what the Marché aux Puces, St Ouen looked like on an 'off' day, you can find out here.

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