Monday, 26 August 2013

Magical Monday - Magic with a Football

If you stroll up to the Sacré Coeur during the summer months after midday, you are more than likely to come across some form of street entertainment. Musicians playing to the crowds of tourists sitting on the steps leading down from the front of the Basilica, a puppeteer, a poor soul covered in gold or silver paint, a man playing the drums on a collection of recycled dustbins...etc.

If you're lucky you will come across Iya Traoré, a young 27 year old man who is a magician with a football. Born in Guinea in 1986, Iya Traoré came to Paris with his father in 2000 where he worked at becoming a professional footballer with Paris Saint Germain. This apparently didn't work out for him and instead he devoted his time to practicing his skills with a football. 

He is truly incredible to watch, and every time I see him he has added new tricks to his repertoire. I'm really not sure how he managed to do what he is doing in the below photo, but there you go, he did it in front of my very eyes!

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Every Monday, Magical Monday, I post a photo that is hopefully puzzling, fantastical or unexpected.

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