Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Morning Stroll

Over the summer a few people have been saying that they've missed my photographic walks around Paris. 

To be honest, so have I! 

After dropping my son off at school this morning I decided it was time to walk up towards the Sacré Coeur. This was the first photo I took. I've taken many photographs of this lamppost but have never seen it so handsomely draped.

The light was lovely, with long shadows.

I came up to the top of the hill to the rear of the Sacré Coeur. I must have taken a gazillion photos of the Sacré Coeur so I decided to try and take some photos that were a little different. I zoomed in to try and make two dimensional patterns out of the very three dimensional Church.

As I made for the Place de Tertre I passed the Carmel de Montmartre, a convent just behind the Sacré Coeur. It is very popular with pigeons!

They looked quite comical all lined up like this.

Walking home this small restaurant up near the Place de Tertre caught my eye.

Their Christmas decorations are all set in place...why take them down when you will just have to put them up again?!

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