Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Best Bacon Pancakes

In Paris bacon comes in numerous formats. The ones that immediately spring to mind are lardons, small cubes of bacon; thinly sliced rounds of lean bacon and poitrine de porc, resembling very fatty streaky bacon. 

What I have never managed to find is bacon that looks like this.

Along with Ready Brek, Shreddies and Bramley apples, bacon rashers have now joined the ranks of things we bring back from the UK.

Every Saturday morning we have pancakes or crêpes. This morning I had a go at making bacon-rasher pancakes. I fried the bacon on one side, turned it over and then poured the pancake mix over the top.

Flipped the pancake. Et voila!

SO good!

If anyone knows where I could buy this kind of bacon rasher in paris you will let me know won't you?

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