Sunday, 8 June 2014

Monumenta 2014: The Strange City

Monumenta is a contemporary art exhibition held at the Grand Palais every summer. An artist is invited to present a work of art especially conceived for the beautiful and grandiose space. This art initiative has been taking place since 2007 and, with the exception of 2013, has been held every year since. If nothing else it is a chance to get inside the Grand Palais and admire the extraordinary glass roof and gigantic space. Be warned, you will be feel tiny and insignificant as you walk around. Kids love it, it's as if the world has become their oyster.

This year the artists Emilia et Ilya Kabakov, Soviet born American conceptual artists, presented their installation 'The Strange City'. 

As you walk into the space you are greeted with a giant speaker that pulsates gently, changing colour, from red...

To green...

To blue...

To purple.

I'm guessing that the Kabakovs got inspiration from the roof structure in the design of the giant speakers.

The visitor is invited to lose themselves in 'The Strange City'. I was reminded of Cyclades architecture.

There is a gallery on the western side of the space which is a good place to get an idea of what's actually going on. 

Plus you get a fantastic view of some of the iron work details of the Grand Palais.

The stairs going up the the gallery are majestic.

In the exhibition there are seven different 'pods' with paintings and models inside, expressing the notion of utopia. This was my favourite, 'How to Meet an Angel'.

A perfect day out, for all sorts.

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