Sunday, 31 October 2010

Blenheim Park, Woodstock

It's the school holidays at the moment and we just spent a few days in the UK. Yesterday afternoon we went to Woodstock to go for a walk in Blenheim Palace's 2100 acres of parkland. The park was breathtaking. Needless to say the autumnal colours are as good in the UK as in they are in France.

These were the first trees we came across. They had obviously been trimmed recently (by livestock apparently. Sheep were in this field).
When I studied architecture a hundred years ago, we used ink pens to draw. If we were feeling a little bit extravagant we would buy Letraset lettering, transferrable lettering that you would painstakingly 'transfer' onto your drawings letter by letter (yes, it was as bad as it sounds). If you were feeling positively rich you would buy Letraset trees and people.  These trees here look a lot like Letraset trees.

Yesterday the sun was struggling to shine through the clouds.
I loved this tree with its' silvery bark and caricature shape. It's a beech tree, but looks a bit like a eucalyptus tree, (Bruce)
The lake and trees beyond looked beautiful framed through the trees.
Not to mention the trees beyond the trees.
I loved the silvery grey roots of the beech trees...
...and the bridge across the lake, framed in fiery orange and yellow.
And here is some painting with trees.
And then to finish off, a bit of architecture.
More pictures of Blenheim Park can be seen here. Just gorgeous.


  1. Believe it or not, those trees were not recently trimmed... I happened to notice they were in a penned field filled with cows, you can thank them for the meticulous leveling of all the trees you saw! We noticed that very phenomenon when we moved to the country & thought 'Boy are those French farmers neat'...until we learned the truth, whilst cow watching, that they in fact are the meticulous trimmers! It's as high as they can reach when nibbling :)

  2. Well they certainly did a good job! Fancy that. It was sheep in this particular field (I have edited post accordingly). Thanks for the tip-off L.R.M-J.

  3. We were in Hyde Park last week and saw some pretty amazing colours too.

  4. Ah, yes, I can see that. Lovely colours. Probably all the leaves are on the ground now. I like the photo of the man blowing the leaves.