Friday, 15 October 2010

Paris lampposts are not banal

Lately I've become rather preoccupied with Parisian lampposts. Let's face it, Paris gives good lamppost. Actually, Paris gives fantastic lampposts. There are hundreds of different styles of lamppost in Paris, from the very plain and simple, to the outrageously elaborate and extravagant. 

This is a very classic common lamppost found all over the city. Here, rather unusually, it looks like an urban arrow.
Here is another more old fashioned classic that can be found all over town. This one had just had the glass replaced in it, so was oddly shiny and clean. 

Parisian lampposts often look fantastic in silhouette.
Sometimes they have coloured glass as can be seen on this rather Triffid like Hector Guimard metro lamppost.
Sometimes they suspend famous monuments.
The details are often incredibly intricate, as can be seen here on one of the Place de La Concorde lampposts.
Sometimes they provide a dramatic foreground for wild horses.
They create lovely shadows. On occasions their shadows even look like body builders.
I challenge anybody to find lampposts more extravagant than these ones on Pont Alexandre III.
And finally, I reckon my red headed aging hippy continues to get more and more handsome in these autumnal days.
More lamppost images can be found on my flickr account.

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  1. love this little selection. really inspired to look up next time i'm out walking x