Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dreaming Spires

Hello, I'm back. We've been in Oxford and London celebrating Christmas, a mere 54 days late. Yep, that was the snow's fault.

I was brought up in Oxford. While I lived there I never really appreciated what a beautiful city it is. By 18 years old I was champing at the bit to leave. Oxford, for me was 'soooo boring' (insert exaggerated eye roll). It was only a while later when I returned with friends that weren't familiar with Oxford that I realised how beautiful it is. A real 'place' with lots of gorgeous parks, many restaurants and cafes and well over a hundred pubs. And of course plenty of amazing architecture.
I don't have photos of any pubs, but here is a the general philosohpy.
The parks.

Spring is on its' way.
The dreaming spires are quite something.
The thing is that where I live, Paris, there are some pretty good spires as well. 
I think I'll stick with Paris! Are you happy with the place you live? Or do you have a dream place you would like to move to?


  1. "Or do you have a dream place you would like to move to?"

    duh! Paris of course

  2. Nice pictures as usual; for us, it will be London this week-end for a wedding.

  3. Audomaroise, Thank-you, I hope you have a lovely time, and get treated to some sun, a bit of light makes picture taking so much easier.