Saturday, 17 September 2011

GAZ"ART, confetti and a pink skeleton

There is a series of graffiti in our neighbourhood (Montmartre) which always bring a smile to my face - GAZ"ART. The artist, whoever they are, uses gas pavement manholes to create humorous works of art. Here is one of the simplest oeuvre I've seen, in black...

...and white.

Here's are some more complex ones (and in my view less effective), in yellow...

...and red.


I have a small collection of non GAZ"ART manhole cover photos as well. This combination of manhole and confetti I saw last summer was lovely. 

Our daughter spotted this one the other day by her school. A pink skeleton. It's my personal favourite. 

Has anybody seen any GAZ"ART graffiti in other Paris arrondissements?


  1. Hi
    I enjoy ur pics and ur blog a lot.
    I'm afraid I am guilty for painting these pink skeletons.
    It make me feel SO GOOD to know that people enjoy them.
    Here's a link to pics of my works:
    Would love to keep in touch.
    Thank you for your eye and your creativity!

  2. Dear Giaco,
    Oh wow! I've just had a look at your website. It's beautifully designed and the works are great too!. I love the 'Little Brother' collection. Congratulations. I shall keep my eyes peeled for more of your oeuvres.