Sunday, 11 September 2011

Obscure snippets up on La Butte

So la rentrée, the return to school, has come to pass. After nine, yes NINE weeks of school holidays the kids are safely back in the hands of l'Éducation Nationale. The first week back was pretty hectic but four days in I was able to go for a stroll up la Butte to admire the Sacré Coeur and the Place de Tertre in the early morning, pre-tourist, calm. I love doing this, especially after dropping the kids off at school. It makes me feel so lucky to live where I do.

After climbing the 118 stairs connecting Rue Lamarck and Rue Caulaincourt (I guess when I say 'stroll' that doesn't really include these stairs), I joined Avenue Junot.

I went to look at the wisteria on Avenue Junot, which is no longer in flower, but looks as sumptuous as ever (I took some photos of it when it was in I would say it had a fairly good grip on it's surroundings.

Rue Norvins at the top of the hill, leading to the Place de Tertre was deserted. I did spot a few bin men, and a jogger, but that was all.

They were setting tables on the Place de Tertre. Under the awnings the light were on. Bleu, blanc, rouge.

I've written about delectable decay before, this building is on the Place de Tertre. A square visited by more than 8 million tourists a year.

I noticed a rose wedged into the 'fencing' surrounding the outdoor restaurant terraces. A souvenir from the night before.

Here is a rather attractively patinated pipe peeking through the render.

Roses in a side alley.

And, would you believe it, a cow. Cabaret de la Vache!

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