Friday, 4 November 2011

Sunset in the Tuileries

Some times you're just lucky. I'd taken the kids on a thrilling outing to the bank - oh joy - followed by a reward trip to the Apple Store to have a chat with Siri. Siri, incidentally, doesn't understand kids which when you think about it is an excellent design feature. Deliberate I'm sure. After our Apple fix we popped up above ground and walked through the Tuileries to catch the metro at Concord. This is what we popped up to.

Well yes, not bad really. Looking back towards the Louvre we had this.

Looking towards Rue de Rivoli, we got this.

The Eiffel Tower in a vase.

Dancing with statues.

Taking a swim. You can just make her out in the ripples.

Flying with gulls.

La Grande Dame.

Imagine my surprise when we came out of the Jardin des Tuileries and there was the Eiffel Tower, on Safari!


  1. Those are gorgeous pictures of one of my favorite spots! A reward, indeed!

  2. I love the Tuileries also. The Paris experience with extra Paris. Did you see the Tuileries puddle shots I got the week before?

  3. Thank you for these breathtaking sunset photos!