Thursday, 22 March 2012

School Run Snippets

It is light again on the school run in the mornings, the sun has a kiss of warmth, spring is in the air. Time to head up to the Sacré Cœur to savour some of the fresh morning air and big hazy skies. 

The shadows were crisp and well defined, sharp and tangled.

Curled and straight.



The early morning light on typical Parisan facades makes me think of white icing.

I think I like the Sacré Cœur most first thing in the morning, a hazy silhouette against the pale blue sky, appearing out of nowhere.

A bauble.

Standing among friends.

Spring is most definitely on her way.

Like an angel.

At this time in the morning, even the cats come out to play.


  1. Really evocative pics, brings back some very pleasant memories! The first one is especially magical ...

  2. Yay indeed to spring's arrival. Phew, we made it through the winter.
    Thanks Lesley, nostalgia can be bittersweet!

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