Saturday, 27 October 2012

Artful air-vents

If somebody had told me that in a few years I'd be writing a blog post about air-vents I would have rolled my eyes and thought "who do you think I am?" Well, a few years down the line I realise that I have a whole collection of air-vent photos. Air-vents are actually quite beautiful. I've crossed roads, crouched down in gutters and climbed walls in order to add to my air-vent collection. 

So here goes, I am going to have to eat those virtual words, don my virtual tank top and put these photos together. Here are a few round ones.

I saw this very delicate one one in Arles.

And this one, in Chantilly.

Here are some rectangular ones in my local neighbourhood.

I'm guessing this is an air-vent that has been roughly filled in, I saw it when staying at friend's barn in France.

Here's the same principal of blocking up an (accidental) air-vent in a barn in Switzerland.

Here is a star.

As my collection grows I'm beginning to think other people like air-vents too!

As I finish this post I realise it has similarities to two other posts I wrote a while back. In one, 'Blanc Cassé', the colours are similar, and in the other, 'Delectable Decay', the textures are similar.

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