Sunday, 6 January 2013

Floods in Christchurch Meadows

For most of our time in the UK this Christmas it rained. And rained. On New Year's Day, however, the sun came out. We were in Oxford and the sky was this stunning blue. 

We gathered together welly-boots for everybody and headed to Christchurch meadows where we knew there were some floods. The water you see below is not a lake, or a river. It's flood water. 

We were a little mystified as to where all the sea gulls came from.

This path was apparently covered over a few days earlier. The bright winter light enhanced the colours.

There were lots of gorgeous reflections.

This boat had pulled up ashore and the owners, after having a picnic on the bench, took a stroll around the meadows.

We preferred to have our 'picnic' back at the house, with some homemade macarons.

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