Sunday, 20 January 2013

Paris in snowy monochrome

It's snowing! Paris is white, beautiful and very very quiet.

I went on a long detour to get the croissants this morning. It is often said that Montmartre is like a village. Today it really felt one. People were walking in the middle of the streets as they were less treacherous than the pavements. Occasionally a car passed, but it was moving so slowly you could barely hear it. I mainly heard the crump crump of my boots in the snow.

Oddly, The park up on Avenue Junot was open (usually all public playgrounds are closed as soon as it snows). St Denis was looking even more forlorn than usual.

Here is the Place de Tertre. It was hard to take a photo that didn't have a gazillion people taking a photo in it.

The artists were not doing a lot of painting.

I've always loved this 'atelier' on rue Orchampt.

The flowers in the window boxes are valiantly struggling to survive against all odds.

Coming down these stairs was quite treacherous. Looking up them was quite magical.

The snow covered domes of the Sacré Coeur were camouflaged against the white sky.

Here is the Père Noël, this snowfall seems to be confusing him.

And here is a brave boatman rowing through the icy waters of Montmartre.


  1. Fantastic photos BB, especially loving the brave boatman. I'm enjoying how pretty it is, but it's turning into a natural skating rink out there....getting very slippery.

    1. Thanks CO, they're not the best photos, it was snowing the whole time and I was clutching an umbrella in one hand to protect my camera, but they capture the essence...'blanc cassé' sky, ground and buildings. I loved the quiet, BB

  2. Hi Barbara

    I love your pictures of Paris in the snow... They make me want to be there. Paris takes on a whole different quality when all white, empty streets and quiet. It takes on an almost provincial feel that is not at all Paris as we know it.
    I really love your blog with all your wonderful pictures of beautiful Paris. Anytime I feel homesick I just have to go to your site and I get a shot in my soul. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely note Henri. I thought of you on Sunday morning as I enjoyed the Montmartre snow-scape, glad you enjoyed the photos, BB