Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Paris Patchwork

When I was at university studying architecture, an observation that was often made about my work was that I turned my designs and drawings into patterns. I think the same thing could be said about my photos. I often find myself zooming into a view to get an abstracted image. Recently I noticed how easy it is to turn Paris into a complex patchwork of mansards roofs, windows, shutters, balconies and chimneys.

Here I am looking down on Paris from the steps infront of the Sacré Coeur. 

This is what you see when you look down from the Pompidou Centre.

You don't always have to look down on Paris to see a patterned patchwork. Here I'm looking up Rue Androuet towards the apartment buildings on Rue Berthe, in Montmartre.

I love zooming into the facades of Parisian streets, especially on a sunny day when the shadows cast by the sun bring out the textures and details of the buildings.

Paris patchwork at dusk.

Even when I sketch, I tend to turn Paris into a pattern.


  1. Seeing these patterns is soothing to the mind.

    1. Thanks Kerry, soothing is good! Another post that I've been told is soothing is 'Blanc Cassé' (15th December 2010) http://bbonthebrink.blogspot.fr/2010/12/blanc-casse.html