Friday, 15 November 2013

Paris, you're so beautiful!

After I had finished visiting the Palais de Tokyo the other day I walked down towards the river as I knew the sun would be setting soon. I headed towards the Passerelle Debilly, a metal footbridge bridge built for  the l'Exposition Universal de 1900. It was first built opposite Avenue Albert de Mun, just by the Palais de Chaillot. It was later moved Eastwards towards the Palais de Tokyo.

Also built for a similar World fair was the Eiffel Tower of course.

Similar structural techniques were used to build the Debilly footbridge as were used to build the Tower.

As the sun set, the light reflected off the Eiffel Tower.

I headed back to the metro along the river side. These seagulls caught my eye, hunkering down from the cold and wind.

Apparently oblivious to the reflection of the Dame de Fer on the glass boat they had chosen as their resting point.

Paris, you're so beautiful!

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