Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Other Side of the Tracks

Last Sunday was the 'dernier roda de l'année' at our kids Capoeira class. This basically means an end of year gathering of the all the capoeirists in Paris in a big dancing circle/wheel/party. When people ask me what capoeira is I reply 'a bit of everything: dance, gymnastics, martial arts and good manners!" Facing each other in their dance/combat at any one time will be people from all different backgrounds, young and old, advanced and beginners, skilled and unskilled, rich and poor, men and women, girls and boys. 

Lots of people are upside down. It's noisy, it's hot, the room is full of energy. 

So much so, that I escaped for a few moments to admire the not-quite full moon rising, and the sun setting over the rail way tracks that lead northwards out of Paris.

The sky slowly got pinker and darker until it was an amazing 'vieux rose'.

The previous evening I had been looking at this view, different, but both beautiful in my books.

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