Saturday, 28 December 2013

Gathering Stripes

I sometimes gather themed collections. Off the top of my head some of the collections I've posted in the past include circles, shadows, hearts, chairs and oddities. Today I fancy gathering some stripes. 

It seems I have many many stripes in my photo archives so I've restricted this collection to architectural stripes. First off, here are some photos of the steps at the Trocadéro Esplanade.

Some older, more crooked steps in a courtyard on Rue Durantin, Paris 18.

The steps on the Solférino pedestrian bridge.

Columns make great stripes too. Here are the columns on the southern facade of the Palais de Tokyo.

A column detail on the Rotunda in the Parc Monceau.

More Trocadéro stripes, columns not stairs.

The buttresses holding up the structure of the main amphitheatre at UNESCO, Paris.

Glass louvers on the Barcelona Gerkin.

A striped handrail detail on Solférino Bridge, decorated with love locks.

Railings at the Jardin des Tuileries.

Handrails in our son's primary school. No danger of falling down there!

Bridge railings and shadows on Pont d'Arcole.

A wooden screen in UNESCO's main amphitheatre. 

Polycarbonate magic.


Reinforcement cables on the building site of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Rusty corrugated iron at the Marché aux Puces at St Ouen.

Wood grain on a horse farm in Switzerland.

A modern version of the wooden shingle.

And finally, with a burst of colour, the underside of a bridge in Camden.


  1. These are lovely, Barbara! After scrolling a bit, they were even more decontextualized. Hope you are well!

    1. Thanks Nichole, glad you enjoyed the collection. All well in casa BB, though a bit of sun and warmth would not be unwelcome! Are you in Paris at the moment?