Friday, 12 December 2014

Shiny Things Around Paris

On this wet rainy Friday I've gathered together some shiny things to try and cheer you up.

Some light switches at an antiques market at Place des Abbesses.

Cycle Reinor Standard.

Silver spoons.

The Géode at La Villette science museum, viewed from the south-east.

Viewed from the north-west.

Water droplets on our balcony eucalyptus tree.

A magnificent pegasus at the end of Pont Alexandre III.

A burst coffee capsule. Finezzo lungo perhaps?

And finally the cupola at Galeries Lafayette with the inverted Christmas tree glowing blue.

And finally, some mandatory shiny éclairs. Bon weekend!


  1. Lovely lovely photographs! I have just discovered this wonderful blog and have already shared it with friends before I have even seen all of it. Thank you so much! Cynthia in California

    1. Thank-you Cynthia for your kind words. I hope your friends enjoy the blog too! All the best, BB