Friday, 11 March 2011

Paris rooftops from the Beaubourg

A few months back I wrote a post about our breakfast at Le Georges restaurant on the top floor of the Beaubourg. As well as taking pictures of the very photogenic restaurant I also took photos of the view you get from Le Georges.

I love looking out across Paris rooftops. You're in a whole other world up there in the sky, surrounded by chimneys, balconies and roof terraces. Not to mention the historical monuments that pop up over and above the mansard roofs. 

Like this.
Zooming in one can see traces of peoples lives.

Here's the Hôtel de Ville, with its' extravagant roof and chimneys.
Notre Dame.
La tour Saint-Jacques, with the dome of the Tribunal de Commerce over to the left.
We descended the long exterior escalator running down the side of the building.
As we came down  I took some photos of the buildings on the other side of the big square in front of the Pompidou centre. To me, this view captures the essence of Paris architecture.

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  1. I LOVE rooftops, and I'm not sure exactly why but Paris seems to have some of the best.
    It's like a secret little world that you don't usually see.