Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Parisian Cats

Apparently there are about 10 million cats in France, roughly speaking that means one cat for every six people. That's a lot of cats. In Paris it's rare to see cats unless you're in somebody's home. Parisian cats are house cats, that don't generally leave the confines of their apartments. 

The cats you do see, therefore, tend to be stray cats. Cemeteries are a good place to find cats in Paris. Here's one I trailed in the Cimetière de Montmartre.
Eventually I caught up with it.
Here are a few that were being fed by an old lady up by the Sacré Cœur.
These two, a little further down the La Butte, had probably just been fed by aforementioned old lady.
Here was a cat popping out for a snack at the neighbours.
Just round the corner from there I spotted this one.
This one appeared in our courtyard one day. I think this maybe the most beautiful cat I've ever seen.
I suspect it lives here.
And these are the two we have. I can highly recommend this kind if you're allergic to cats. By day they hang out on the balcony...
...and by night, they go out to prowl the streets.

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