Thursday, 16 June 2011

Artful Faces

Anybody who has walked round Paris will know there are a huge number of underground street artists. Elaborate works of art pop up and disappear on a daily basis. Recently I've been noticing that there seem to be more Ville de Paris men dressed in green, painting over graffiti on the walls around the city. I did a quick Internet search and they do seem to have a lutte contre les graffiti campaign. This man is painting over some tags. Some of the walls around here have so many coats of paint on them you fear the whole lot will peel off in a giant crusty flake.
As I went through my photos I realised I had a quite a collection of street art photos, too many to put in one post. I've tried to organise them into groups. The first collection I've put together is 'artful faces.' 

There are of course Gregos Faces which can be found all over Paris. I liked this one, on rue Durantin, which had been tampered with, rather appropriately, by a passerby.
More recently I've noticed some of his faces where the painting extends onto the wall.
Sometimes two artists have their work side by side.

I barely noticed this one discreetly stenciled onto a rue Cortot up behind the Sacré Cœur.
This one is simple but effective.
And this one? Well this poor man lost his head...
...and then fell in love.

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