Monday, 27 June 2011

Sun kissed blanc cassé

I have a soft spot for the colour blanc cassé, white with the hard crisp edges broken away. The blanc cassé colour of Parisian stone in winter, becomes a rich golden cream when the sun comes out. I've been trying to think how to describe the colour, it is not unlike the colour of nougat. Here is a block of nougat.
And here is some Parisian stone, in the sun.
Once I started looking I was able to gather quite a collection of blanc cassé with un touche de soleil (a touch of sun). Here is the Louvre in the sun.
Boulevard Magenta, reflected in the windows of the covered marché Saint Quentin.
Parisian trees can also radiate this gentle delicate colour.
This tree is in parc Monceau.
A Parisian gutter.
Some tarnished silver at the brocante market on Place des Abbesses.
Here is a beautiful shadow and golden wall in the park behind the Sacré Cœur.
A fountain in the same garden.
A bubble infront of our house.

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