Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Delectable decay

Paris is beautiful. Not many people would argue with that. What I love about Paris is the way not everything is perfect and pristine, paint is peeling, doors are splitting, rust is forming. There is beauty in the decay. A block away from the recently restored historical monument, visited by millions, are examples of the inevitable wear and tear of day to day living in a city. Snippets of history and people's lives, layered upon each other. 

Drain pipes are a good place to see layers of paint, often accompanied by home made posters and fliers.
I love the way peeling paint gives clues as to what was there before.
I mean, how many layers of paint do you suppose went on before the final turquoise green?

This building on Rue Lepic always amazes me. Rue Lepic, the road where rents are prohibitively high. The people in this building presumably can't afford the (no doubt astronomical) charges that would be required to renovate this facade. I guess it's a matter of time before people buy the apartments who can afford it. But in the mean time I'm glad there are still 'normal' people living in the neighbourhood.

Shutters are always a good place to spot a bit of wear and tear.
As are the bottom of shop fronts.

Here is a close up of the door of the crumbling house round the corner from the Place de Tertre.
Here is a facade that has been cleaned, revealing an a metal 'R', 'U' and 'E' embedded in the stone.
I could go on....and on, but I'll finish up with this hinge and it's multitude of different colours and textures. What's not to like? Well, I suppose if it's your hinge and the door won't open, that would be a reason enough!


  1. nice way to capture a bit of the beautyf of decay. i am fascinated by this kind of wear and tear as well and the 'art' that it leaves in its wake.

  2. I agree, it's not the pretty Paris (though I do appreciate it too!) that is about LIVING here...that's just for those passing through. Though I must admit the turquoise-teal-green beneath the white in our studio frightens me when I think what the place must have been like completely done up in that from floor to ceiling! Blurg. :p

  3. Thank-you Forest and Parisbug. I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys this kind of thing. I lived in a flat in london once that had previously been painted bubble gum pink (the walls) and sunflower yellow ( the woodwork)...lovely!