Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Red and Rouge

Well, it's already been a year since my first blog post. Last year on the 30th of August I posted a collection of 'red' photos. I love red. I often dress in red, the kids too...whenever I can persuade them  (by the way, my daughter's red coat was made by my mother in-law. Let's just say we turned heads with that coat-combo). We have a red wall in our house, and the outside of our house is red.

Here is a red sunflower I saw in the Jardin des Plantes earlier in the summer. Did you know sunflowers could be red? Favourite flower + favourite colour = dream come true.

Here's a rather amazing flower we saw in the green houses at the Parc Citroën.

I saw this skull in a very posh shop in the 7th arrondissement. The window display had about 7 tetes de morts of different colours lined up. They were hard to photograph because of the reflection. Here's the red one. One of these is not enough, you really need all seven.

On the subject of mort.

The red Bernard Tschumi folies at Parc de la Villette have kept their red colour amazingly well over the past twenty years.

Traffic lights often cast lovely red light.

The red of these strawberry and raspberry tartes is so intense.

Meanwhile, the summer holidays are coming to an end and autumn is creeping up on us.

More red photos can be seen here (thumbnails) and here (slideshow).


  1. lovely! And, i had no idea that sunflowers came in red...never seen it before!

  2. Me neither, an initiation to red sunflowers for me too, BB