Friday, 14 December 2012

Glorious Glass Cupola

I went to the Galeries Lafayette with the 8 Year Old a few days ago. This is not normally something I would choose to do a few weeks before Christmas, but we had to change a toy he'd been given for his birthday so I gritted my teeth and off we went. As it turns out if you arrive at 10am on a Wednesday morning, even so close to Christmas, the crowds are not too horrendous. 

I was excited to see the glass cupola dome and take some photos with my new camera. The odd thing is that when I first came to Paris and went to les Grands Magasins I don't recall noticing the glass dome. How I managed to not notice THIS is frankly beyond me!!!

Les Galeries Lafayette were built in 1908 and then extended to include the magnificent art nouveau glass cupola in 1912 by architect Ferdinand Chanut and glass artist Jacques Gruber.

The details are colours are exquisite.

More photos of the glass cupola can be seen here (thumbnails) and here (slideshow)

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