Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Skaters at les Grands Magasins

The other day when we went to les Galeries Lafayette and saw this heavenly glass vault, we also saw the Christmas windows in the Printemps Magasin. The Printemps Christmas windows are always animated, often with animals busying away getting up to mischief. This year there are no animals, but people skating and dancing. 

When I say people, there are mainly women. These gentlemen dancers are some of the only men there are. My son was not impressed with this uneven representation.

This woman's lollipop looked very tasty.

Golden barbe à papa, golden candifloss.

The masked ball.

My personal favourite was this poor woman who had taken a tumble on the ice rink. She was not happy that I'd seen her fall, she's practically giving me an eye-roll. No?

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