Friday, 17 May 2013

Beautiful Paris Bridges

My son has recently been learning about Paris bridges. He has had to learn all manner of small detailed facts about how many there are (37), which is the oldest (Le Pont Neuf), what are they made out of...etc. etc. This information, which he had to learn off by heart of course, coincided with me getting a job on the *other* side of the river from where we live, the rive gauche. I've been crossing the Seine once a week, with bridges on the brain.

I cross town to what feels like another world, the 6eme arrondissement, to teach at a design school. I usually go by metro but then return home by a mixture of walking and cycling ('Velib-ing). This walk/cycle, allows me to savour the beautiful city I live in from another view point. There really is nothing quite like crossing the Seine to make you appreciate how grand and spectacular Paris is. Long visitas. Big skies.

We used to live near the Bastille, by the canal that connects Place de La Bastille and la Seine, Le Bassin de l'Arsenal. We were always very aware of the water level since we were so close to the river and the canal would change colour as the water level of the river rose. Up in Montmartre we are less in-tune with the water level so I was surprised when I crossed the Pont Royal back in February and saw this. 

A lone bench.

Looking back towards the Pont Royal on another evening, the Bateau Mouche looked like it may not squeeze underneath the bridge.

Some evenings I finished work later and saw the sunset.

I take different routes home. Here is a view of the Pont Neuf - the oldest bridge in Paris (1607), as seen from the Pont des Arts.

The Pont des Arts, from Pont du Carrousel.

I love the Pont des Arts, the metal structure looks so delicate, resting on the big solid stone footings.

And of course the crazy love-locks on the Pont des Arts get more numerous every time I cross the bridge.

Locks and shadows.

Here is a sketch I did many years ago of the Pont des Arts. Not a love-lock in sight back then.

Water colour and ink, by bbonthebrink.

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