Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Filigree Folly

I wrote a post the other day about the Parc de Bagatelle. It revolved mainly around daffodils and peacocks, with a brief history of the park thrown in for good measure. What I didn't elaborate on were the follies dotted throughout the park. In keeping with the frivolous way in which the park came about in the first place the follies are light, playful and fanciful. There was one that particularly caught my eye. 

You approach it via some very delicate stairs. Although they're not very high, they are very transparent!

Cross a bridge.

Could we have more lacy twirled details please?

And a framed view?

Some intricate shadows?

And back down again. Not for the vertiginous!

More information about the park and how to get there can be found here in English and French.

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